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Workshops on Bullying

The term Bullying is quickly becoming a highly focused issue in our society. Whether on the school yard, within the family system, or within the work environment. There is a lot of work being done to explain the Bullying phenomena which may be useful to give understanding. Once again we will see a cottage industry appear with consultants explaining this cognitively. What we need is not only interpersonal understanding but also intra personal understanding of the self.

My approach is not only to give meaning cognitively to Bullying, but to be able to have candidates in my Bullying Work Shop have a look at themselves from parts of their personality and character that may be quite unconscious to them. This work can be done in a group setting with each individual doing their own work without having to share or disclose in front of peers, managers or subordinates. The safety of this workshop is paramount and will be highly regulated to insure the candidates anonymity and emotional safety.

My success in this work is to give the individual a close look and to experience parts of themselves that they may have denied or have lost through the trauma of life.



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