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Attachment Based/Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (AB/IS-TDP) is a form of brief psychotherapy developed by Dr. Habbib Davanloo of McGill University and improved upon by Dr. Robert Neborsky and Dr. Josette ten Have-de Labije. This accelerated model of psychotherapy is designed specifically for the therapist to collaboratively, with the patient, work rapidly to get to the core of the patients problems and dissolve the problem as opposed to resolving them. Most therapy is designed to give resolution or break up the problem. Problem is, the parts of the problem often find their way back to only create the problem in the same format or disguise the problem in a different format.

With AB/IS-TDP the problem is dissolutioned. In the dissolutionment of a problem you dissolve the problem so that it does not continue to come back. Permanent results (character change is attained). AB/IS-TDP was developed to overcome obstacles that most traditional psychotherapies cannot accomplish rapidly or at all. Recent research has supported the efficacy of this approach.

My approach combines my understanding of early life trauma and psychological damage, attachment theory (how we create relationships with ourselves and others), based on solid outcome based research as opposed to theory or opinion based research.

This form of psychotherapy is most suitable for people who have high motivation to change for the better, such as people who are suffering from self-defeating behaviour/thinking, anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviour, addiction, eating disorders and undiagnosed body pain. This form of psychotherapy is a very active one and I take a very involved position with my patients in the session. This is unlike some forms of psychotherapy or counselling where the therapist takes a very passive (just listening) position. People that come to work with me who have courage and a strong will to want to get better will shorten the duration of their suffering and the duration of the therapy. This can be a very substantial cost saving along with a healthy outcome.

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