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Block Coaching

Block coaching is my idea of identifying and working with individuals in a scheduled intense period of time. The client would be scheduled for two (2) hour sessions every day (this can be flexible) for 10 days (which could include weekends as an option). This process gives much quicker results and excels the character change and/or relief from emotional distress that sets the stage for the client to go on to making more informed decisions. The client must be motivated and dedicated to this process. Most coaching has a very cognitive do as I say approach. This may work with a percentage of the population but for the most part is a feel good no end in sight process. These approaches are very expensive in the long run and often require a dependency on the coach like a child to parent.

My approach is to create an understanding of the persons defensive structures by being more direct and at the same time caring. This approach can rapidly bring about character change and/or relief from crippling anxiety, emotional distress which rapidly changes the person’s confidence in themselves and gives insight for more informed decision making for the present and future.

Other benefits of working with Terry during Block Coaching is to have his expertise on addiction issues, marital/relationship issues and the expertise of a seasoned mental health professional available should he be needed. Terry is a trained marital/relationship therapist and also a certified substance misuse/addiction specialist and a trained interventionist. He is also very capable of working with clientèle that have anger regulation issues or spousal assault/abuse issues or have had feedback in their business or workplace that she/he impacts the workplace or business in a threatening way.

Terry’s coaching technique is applicable for women and men. He is available to travel to the clients place of business anywhere.



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