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Women and Men Entrepreneurs

In the new millenium, gender has become a more obvious issue. Women and men competing for position and for woman the given right to have equal opportunities. Another one of my passions is to have studied and looked at the social/psychological factors and variables to do with gender difference. In my practice and development of any workshop I have always looked at the gender component as a strong variable in the dynamics I am presenting. For example: to be able to explain and then have individuals experience what it may be like to be in the other genders skin is a strong suit in my workshops.

On an individual bases, the foundation for any consultation or coaching contract is to insure that there is a strong understanding about what gender you are, the implications of socialization, early attachment issues and character development. It is from this basis that a more secure personality can be developed to handle the Serengeti of the business world. A director of Business Research in a large Fortune 500 company said:

“Half the skills you need are technical. But the other half are in the emotional domain. And it’s amazing how it’s the latter that distinguishes the top performers”.

My understanding of both genders has given me much success in assisting individuals to a higher level of understanding and also the opportunity to look more precisely at their own psyche.



When you’re swimming in it you can’t see it

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