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Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation with Terry will be at no cost. During this process you will be asked to give a detailed overview of your issue/problem and be asked inquiring questions. Confidentiality and anonymity are cornerstones of Terry’s practice, and any information is kept completely confidential.

Many executive/business coaching approaches focus on open ended questions about goals and objectives. These are often easy for the client to discuss because they are looking at the ideal or are vicariously desiring to live above their present capabilities. My approach can include goal setting, however, looking at the base psychological health of the individual in my opinion is a logical starting point. Without exploring precisely the basic foundation of the individual, many strategies purported by present day coaching methods are not effective especially in the long term.

To be more precise, my approach is to assess the individuals capacity to tolerate their most basic instinctual emotions. This will give us a more precise plan and platform from which to proceed.

Executives and Managers are often unconscious of their impact. For example if they are “rigid”, have poor interpersonal skill/relationships, or are unable to work in a team they will often defer to the easiest method of managing, which is to manage from a “position of power”. This may be the only way they can see the problem(s).



When you’re swimming in it you can’t see it

Call and discuss with Terry your potential to move to a more healthy place and a more successful career or managing style.