People will often be suffering from an addiction or destructive behaviour and it will feel helpless and hopeless. You feel like you have tried everything in the universe to get these people to change and nothing is working. You’ve tried talking to them, you’ve tried pleading with them to get help, you have found hidden substances that they use, you have other people talk to them but nothing seems to change or it only changes for a brief time.

One of the most power full tools that can be used with individuals suffering from poor impulse control or addiction is to intervene in a direct manner. This process of intervention has been shown to have success 80% of the time when done by a trained professional. You may have watched this process on TV and thought we can do this on our own. My experience is that this is rarely successful and can be somewhat dangerous if the person is prone to violent outbreaks.

I have been trained in Intervention and have carried out well over a hundred Interventions in my professional carrier. One of the common questions is how successful are you when you do this? My experience has been that close to the predicted 80% of the time there is success. However, when an intervention is not successful the people that have been involved have become healthier, more educated about addiction and are often relieved from the dependency of taking care of this individual some times physically, financially and emotionally. That is not to say that they do not love the person or cherish their friendship any more but as a result of being involved in the intervention are living a much healthier life themselves.



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