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Anger Regulation Workshops

My experience working with woman and men around their ability to regulate themselves with anger/rage has been very successful. The development of this material was in conjunction with a female partner who was able to give a more thorough perspective from a female reality.

My approach to this topic of Anger/Rage Regulation is to have the candidate in the workshop get to know and understand this core emotion. But further than just understanding, the material will take the candidate to a place of not just having interpersonal dynamic awareness, but more importantly to a place of experiencing dynamic intra-personal understanding. This workshop gives the candidate the opportunity to participate anonymously in the workshop setting and look at the parts of their core emotions which they may be completely unconscious about.

This workshop has been proven effective with men and woman for many years and has been continuously improved upon. Some comments from participants are:

  • Terry uses real life experience. No B.S. I felt like I was not the only one with anger issues.
  • Terry was very supportive, understanding and willing to help day or night. Very thankful
  • Receptive and made me feel at ease with difficult situation
  • This course was in layman’s terms which I could understand and then apply
  • I’m becoming part of the solution and less of the problem



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